LAS Standard


LAS Standard

The LAS Standard series is designed not only for fixed-installation, but for rental, staging, large venue and event applications. It features magnetically-attachable unit cases with quick-lock systems to facilitate easy installation.


Fast installation and teardown

The LED unit cases are attached via magnets for easy installation. Moreover, lock handles on the top and sides make the cases easy for even one person to set up and dismantle.


Front module removal

With magnetic tool, LED module can be easily removed.


Easy maintenance

The center enclosure on the back of the product conveniently includes a power supply module, receive card, and hub card, making it easy to maintain the components.


Simple status check

You can easily check power and signal status through the status button on the outside of the unit case (alternates between red and green). The button shows test patterns, eliminating the need to connect the source.


Uniform picture quality

Every step from production is strictly managed, while factory calibration ensures consistent quality between the LED units. The display provides seamless content with 97% brightness uniformity.


Vividness with color accuracy

LG’s rigorous quality standards also make LG LED signage reproduce accurate colors, vividly displaying the original colors of objects without distortion.


RoHS certified safe product

Boasting RoHS certification, all LG LED signage models are environmentally-friendly products that do not use materials harmful to the environment and people.

Model NameLAS025DB4-VLAS025DB7-VLAS039DB4-VLAS039DB7-V
Pixel Configuration3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD
Pixel Pitch(mm)
Unit Case Resolution(WxH)200 x 200200 x 200128 x 128128 x 128
Unit Case Dimensions(WxHxD, mm)500 x 500 x 74500 x 500 x 74500 x 500 x 74500 x 500 x 74
Weight per Unit Case/Square Meter (kg)7.0/28.07.0/28.07.0/28.07.0/28.0
Service accessFrontFrontFrontFront
Min. Brightness(After Calibration, cd/m²)1,0001,0001,0001,000
Color Temperature3,000 - 10,0003,000 - 10,0003,000 - 10,0003,000 - 10,000
Visual Viewing Angle(Horizontal/Vertical)160/140160/140160/140160/140
Brightness Uniformity97%97%97%97%
Color Uniformity±0.003Cx,Cy±0.003Cx,Cy±0.003Cx,Cy±0.003Cx,Cy
Contrast Ratio8,0008,0008,0008,000
Processing Depth (bit)16161616
Power Consumption(W/Unit, Avg./Max.)95/18895/18895/18895/188
Power Consumption(W/m², Max.)750750750750
Power Supply (V)100 to 240100 to 240100 to 240100 to 240
Refresh Rate (Hz)3,0003,0003,0003,000
Lifetime(Half brightness, hrs)*50,00080,00050,00080,000
Operating Temperature(°C) / Humidity-10° to 40°/10-80%RH-10° to 40°/10-80%RH-10° to 40°/10-80%RH-10° to 40° C/10-80%RH

The Lifetime spec is subject to LED package spec.**All the models apply SMD package with goldwire.***Models may vary by region. Check with local salesteam.