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معلومات ونصائح حول منتجات ال جي

احصل على معلومات تساعدك حول منتج إل جي الخاص بك

تعرف على كيفية تركيب المنتج وصيانتة وتحديد العطل وإصلاحه باستخدام خياراتنا للبحث.


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  • عملية
  • أجهزة العرض, الأكسسوارات , تلفزيونات, هواتف محمولة
  • آخر تحديث في 21/11/2016
LG V20 QUICKMEMO+ <script src="/us/lgeai/lgeai-help-lib.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="/us/lgeai/lgeai-help-lib-faq.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

The QuickMemo+ feature allows you to capture screen shots and use them to create memos. You can also insert a reminder, location information, image, video, and audio.

Note: The first time you open QuickMemo+, you will be prompted to select a Google account to save your memos too. Do this to save your memos to the cloud in the event your device is lost or stolen. If you do not want to backup with an account press CANCEL.

  1. Tap QuickMemo+  > tap  to create a new memo.

  2. Tap  to enter text by typing. Options to edit the text are shown above the keyboard.


    Tap  to draw. With the pen selected, tap  again to select the pen type, thickness, transparency, and color.

  3. Tap  to save the memo.

To Add a Reminder and Location

  1. Tap a memo to open.

  2. At the bottom of the memo:

  • Tap Add reminder  , then select a Time reminder or Location reminder.
  • Tap  to sync and add current location information.

Note: An active data session is required to add location information.

The following options are available when editing a memo:

 Undo previous actions. 

 Redo previous actions. 

 Edit the text, its color and its alignment.

  Draw on the memo.

 Erase edits using the pen tool.

  Save the memo in QuickMemo+.

Select and remove, rotate, or re-size edits from the pen tool.

 Touch to access more options.

  Allows you to set a reminder notification for an event.

  Allows you to add location information.

التغذية الراجعة حول المقالة

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1. لماذا لم تساعدك المقالة في حل المشكلة التي واجهتك؟

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