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معلومات ونصائح حول منتجات ال جي

احصل على معلومات تساعدك حول منتج إل جي الخاص بك

تعرف على كيفية تركيب المنتج وصيانتة وتحديد العطل وإصلاحه باستخدام خياراتنا للبحث.


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Use Guest mode when you let someone else use your phone. They will only be able to use the applications that you’ve selected. Once you set it up, you can easily put your phone in Guest mode by drawing the guest pattern on the Lock screen that you set, which is different from your normal unlock pattern.

Note: A Guest can use applications that your selected applications link to. e.g. If Phone app is added to Guest Mode, the guest can access Contacts, recent calls, Call settings, etc.

Setup Guest Mode
Use Guest Mode

Setup Guest Mode

1. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > Guest mode > read the introduction and tap OK.

2. To setup the Owner Mode pattern lock, checkmark Allow Guest mode. To use Guest mode, set the Lock screen to pattern. Tap OK to continue.

3. To setup the Guest Mode pattern lock, select Set Pattern. A tutorial will appear the first time you set Pattern lock (owner pattern). Tap Next. Draw an unlock pattern and tap Continue. Draw same pattern again and tap Confirm.

Note: If a Pattern lock (owner pattern) or PIN is already set, you will be promted to enter it before setting up a Guest pattern.

4. The first time you set a backup PIN, a tutorial will appear. Tap Next. Enter a backup PIN and tap Continue. Enter the same PIN again and tap OK.

5. Select Set pattern for Guest Mode.

6. Draw a Guest mode pattern and tap Continue. Draw same pattern again and tap Confirm.

7. Tap Set apps to view and set which apps can be accessed in Guest mode.

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Use Guest Mode

1. After setting up and enabling Guest mode, press Power/lock key to turn display off then on. Draw the Guest mode unlock pattern you set.

2. The Guest mode Home screen is displayed with only the apps selected for a guest to access.

3. To exit Guest mode, press Power/lock key to turn display off then on. Draw the Owner mode unlock pattern you set.

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