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Possible Reason For Vibration on Washing Machine

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  • Last Updated 08/30/2012

Several Possible Reason For Strong Vibration on Washing Machine:


1. Floor Conditions:

- Uneven, Uneven Support and Unclean

     uneven floor         uneven support    humidity and floor unclean


2. Loading Conditions:

- Unbalance Loading or Small Load                                                                                                    Top View Of washing Machine


                small loading                      clothes accumulated at 1 sided                          drum at 1sided (unbalance)       drum is balance


3. Improper Material Use to Support the Base of Washing Machine


         stone              vinyllinoleum               tiles                     wood                     paper                    cloth


To Reduce Strong Vibrations:

1. Uneven Floor Conditions:

 - relocate the washing machine to even floor's condition

 - remove uneven material support

 - clean the floor


2. Loading Conditions:

 - if the strong vibration is due to small loading, pause the washing operation, sort out the clothes to avoid clumping together

   and press start button to continue the washing operation

- adjust the washing machine's legs to be evenly stand on floor


Lift up the front of the washer and adjusting level by turning the adjustable legs clockwise. If you adjust the legs too high,
 it cause of unexpected vibration.




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