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Steam / Drying Issue

  • Combo Unit (Washer/dryer)
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  • Washing Machines
  • Last Updated 09/19/2012

Troubleshooting on Steam / Drying Issue


Detail Symptom  Self-diagnosis
Question Answer
Too much wrinkle on clothe Did you take out laundry right after dry? ▶Taking out clothe right after dry will reduce wrinkle
Hot while drying Surface/exterior is hot when dry? ▶It is normal for drum washing machine to emit heat on the surface. 
Runnig shoes/snicker does not dry   Running shoes/snickers does not dry well? (model with drying function for running shoes) ▶Stand shoes to dry
▶Take out the heel inside and shoelace and dry them
▶Place the front side of shoes inside and dry it
Dry does not work well   Isn't the amount of laundry too much?  ▶When you open WM's lid, amount of dry is marked. Dry it below the marked level.
Dry does not work well  Isn't the tap turned off?  ▶A little amount of water is needed for washing machine with drying function. So, turn the tap on for water supplying.
※Water must be cold, so avoid supplyilng hot water

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