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Family Health Care

Washing clothes separately allows you to take care of your family’s health.
The TWINWash® comes with a divided top and bottom washing machines for the simultaneous
washing of different loads.
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    Separate Underwear from Dirt

    How can we wash underwear and a muddy jersey at the same time without compromising hygiene?

  • Global_TWINWash27_2018_Feature_Usage_02_3_Baby_D Global_TWINWash27_2018_Feature_Usage_02_3_Baby_M

    Protect Delicate Baby Clothes

    I've been separately washing baby clothes from adult's to use baby detergent, but now I’m burdened as the situation requires multiple rounds.
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    Be Free from Dust on Towels

    Why does washing clothes and towels together lead to more dust on the towels?

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Color Care

There is no need to worry about decolorization and unintentional dying when washing clothes
with assorted colors. Using the TWINWash®, you can separately wash whites and
colored clothes at the same time.
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    Keep Your Own Colors and White

    Washing whites and colored clothing using a conventional washing machine is quite inconvenient and time-consuming—I’m also bound to one detergent at each time.
Global_TWINWash27_2018_Feature_Usage_04_1_FabricCare_D Global_TWINWash27_2018_Feature_Usage_04_1_FabricCare_M

Fabric Care

The TWINWash® has different washing modes to accommodate the characteristics of laundry,
enabling users to wash two loads at the same time while minimizing damage to your garments.
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Energy Care

No need to wait until laundry piles up. Nor is there needing to worry about energy consumption.
Simply wash a small load of laundry with the Mini Washer.