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It was showtime with
LG at CES 2015 in Las Vegas

LG turned heads with an impressive line-up of new products and innovations. Relive the excitement with a summary of the latest news and on the ground coverage to find out more about the latest innovations.

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Designed with the refinement and elegance of a
classic timepiece. Now being smart doesn't
mean sacrificing style.

It's All Possible

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LG G3 - Quad HD. Definition that defies belief

"Most impressive of all is the new screen... I didn't want to look away from the panel once I started playing 4K content." - Gizmodo

It's All Possible.

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With over 8 million pixels and four times the definition of Full HD TV panels, you really notice the Ultra High Definition difference.*

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LG Music Flow allows you to seamlessly play music throughout your home via a network of wireless speakers. Using the Music Flow App and multi-room Music Flow speakers, you can play the same, or different music throughout your home to suit any mood.

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When it comes to food, fresher is better. That's why
I rely on the LG Five Door, French Door Refrigerator.
The Door-In-Door design keeps food fresh because
it loses 41% less cold air when it's open*, versus
opening the full door. You can also access your
favourite items hassle free.