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4.7" Screen 13MP Camera Android

LG Optimus G (E975K)

  • 2100mAh BATTERY

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Crystal Reflection Finish

Inheriting LG’s design DNA, the Optimus G incorporates a blend of delicate design and technology. The Crystal Reflection finish is applied to the back of the Optimus G for a luxurious look and feel. Crystal Reflection gives the Optimus G’s back cover the ability to display different patterns depending on the viewing angle and lighting. And finally, the laser cut contour gives the Optimus G a clean finish with smooth edges.

Zerogap Touch

Zerogap Touch is a technology that prints the circuitry on the back of the LCD screen, reducing the thickness of the handset; whilst increasing the touch screen responsiveness, and gives users a sharp and clear viewing experience and high visibility under bright sunlight.

Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor

The new Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor from Qualcomm enables Optimus G to power multiple applications easily and display high resolution images that appear almost life like, giving you the power to push the latest graphic intense games to their limits.

QSlide Function

QSlide Function does more than just multitasking; it brings a new form of cross-tasking.
Cross-tasking means that you can do two things at once using just one screen. You can complete two tasks concurrently – such as watching a video and sending a text message without shrinking either application. Not only does QSlide let you view the entire screen of two different applications simultaneously, it also lets you change the transparency levels of the screen to suit your viewing needs.*

Dual Screen Dual Play

Dual Screen Dual Play not only allows mirroring between the Smartphone and a TV, it also has the ability to display different content on each screen wirelessly. For example, a slide presentation can be displayed on the TV while the Optimus G shows the accompanying speaking notes.


Write, draw, or jot a memo with just your finger directly on the captured screen. Share your thoughts instantly with friends as an attachment or a URL or simply upload them onto your favourite Social Networking Sites.

Live Zooming

Don’t miss out on details while watching videos with live zooming. Zoom in up to five times during video playback for a close-up of your favourite scene to focus on the excitement without pausing or stopping.

Screen Zooming

Screen zooming lets you pinch zoom in and out of an application on your screen, such as your music list on the music player, emails, text messages and photo gallery. It also offers the ability to change the font size and screen layout for better viewing.

True HD IPS Plus Display

The HD IPS Plus display has real RGB resolution, delivering sharp and clear images that are almost life-like. Users experience colours and images in near ‘true to life’ reproduction.

Time Catch Shot

Choose the best picture that captures the perfect moment with the innovative Time Catch shot (TCS) function. TCS lets you choose the best photo among the 5 shots including those taken before the shutter button is pressed.

Cheese Shutter

With Cheese Shutter you can now take photos easily with voice activation command just by simply saying ‘cheese’.

Smart Shutter

Smart Shutter senses camera vibration or the movement of the subject and adjusts the shutter speed to capture the ideal non-fuzzy shot.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice. Screen images simulated and/or dramatised. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model.

**QSlide cross-tasking function operates with LG video playing in background and secondary task (eg messaging) as an overlay in the foreground.

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