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LG WD14070SD6 - 10kg Front Loader Washing Machine
LG WD14070SD6 - 10kg Front Loader Washing Machine
LG WD14070SD6 - 10kg Front Loader Washing Machine
LG WD14070SD6 - 10kg Front Loader Washing Machine
LG WD14070SD6 - 10kg Front Loader Washing Machine

LG’s Ultimate Smartwasher Is Here

10kg Direct Drive Front Load Washer with TrueSteam™


  • More Motion, Better Care
  • 6 Motion DD
  • Big In™
  • True Steam™
  • Smart Diagnosis System


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6 Motion DD

6 Motion Direct Drive Washing Machines - Front Loader

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6 Different Motions for an Amazing Wash

6 Different Motions for an Amazing Wash


Releases clothes at the peak
of the rotation cycle which
helps loosen laundry and
reduce tangles.


Regular tumbling for your everyday washing needs.


The drum quickly alternates to create a scrubbing motion. This helps to dissolve detergents and helps remove stubborn stains.


Force from the fast rotation distributes the water evenly onto laundry for a full and even saturation.


Clothes are rolled gently under water for a delicate wash.


The drum gently swings clothes from one direction to the other. Ideal for those delicate items.

Outstanding Cleaning Performance

Outstanding Cleaning Performance

6 Motion provides outstanding cleaning performance, even for difficult to wash items.

Sports Wear

Customised for fabrics used on most common sports wear items.


A combination of gentle motions will help minimise wear and tear on delicate clothes, while giving you the washing result you want.



At LG we understand the importance of having dependable appliances. That is why we provide a 10 Year Parts Warranty for the Direct Drive Motor. We are confident that the Inverter Direct Drive Motor System will perform efficiently and effectively throughout it's life.

10kg Large Capacity Washing Machine - Front Loader

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10kg Large Capacity

10kg Large Capacity

LG, a leader in innovation, was the first to manufacture a large capacity 10kg front load washing machine that fits in a standard size cabinet. This means you can accommodate those extra large items such as blankets and curtains without making extra space for the washer. You can even fit the washer under a standard height bench top.


If you have a shirt, a blouse or a skirt that you want to wear again but don't want to put it through a full wash, try the steam refresh cycle. The Steam Refresh cycle helps to reduce odours and wrinkles.

Allergy Care Cycle

Allergy Care Cycle

By applying steam, temperature inside the drum is kept even at 50~60°C making it possible to dissolve particles.

Proven to help remove house dust mites

Proven to help remove house dust mites

High temperature steam helps to dissolve detergents, without leaving any remaining residue which can irritate sensitive skin.
Steam Direct Drive washing machines have been tested with British Allergy Foundation standards and have been proven to remove house dust mites from laundry.

Smartwasher Smart Diagnosis - Front Loader

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Smart Diagnosis

Smart Diagnosis

Have you ever been frustrated trying to explain to the call center staff what’s wrong with an appliance? Have you ever been charged for a service visit only to find out that it was something you could have fixed on your own? With a smartphone and the LG app, the washer can “talk for itself” to find a solution to help save time and money on unnecessary call outs.

How to Use Smart Diagnosis

Step 1

Download the LG App - LG Smart Diagnosis (AUS) from the Android Play Store onto your smart phone or call the LG Customer Information Centre.

Step 2

Turn on the washing machine and start the Smart Diagnosis function.

Step 3

Put the phone (microphone) close to the Smart Diagnosis icon and await instructions.

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