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Marek Sosnowski

LG Electronics Poland, Production Group

Marek Sosnowski bio

When I moved to Mlawa I began work on LG’s production line. Today, I am an engineer, and find my job very satisfying. I am very passionate about new technologies, and always have been. LG has provided me with the perfect opportunity to establish a life for myself here in Mlawa.

When I decided to start a new, independent life, I thought that LG in Mlawa would be the right place to do it. I arrived in Mlawa exactly one year ago. I wanted to work for LG and learn about new, advanced technologies, because this was my passion and still is. My adventures with LG saw me starting off in a service position on the production line. I know how the production line works, how to improve TV sets, and how they look on the "inside". I have gained valuable experience and have at last found a job that gives me real satisfaction. My previous work didn't give me any job satisfaction. LG has provided me with the opportunity to create my own life. My work has meaning and what's more, I have set up home in Mlawa. Now I am an engineer. I get a great deal of satisfaction from my work. I would like to get better and better and improve the situation on the production line. Fewer mistakes on the production line mean greater satisfaction for me. I would like to improve my own performance and realize my ambitions here at LG. I have a wonderful group leader and a great team in my office, so things are going well. LG gives young people the opportunity to succeed in life.