• TWINWash™

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The arrival of the LG TWINWash™ signals the start of a new era in appliance design, one where the accomplishing the demands of daily life becomes more convenient and even enjoyable.
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LG Electronics studied how laundry is done around the world.
Even though the latest washing machines surpass their predecessors in performance and convenience, doing the laundry still remains little more than a difficult routine for most users.
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The increased prevalence of specialized clothing and variation in fabrics and textures has led to a greater need for separate wash routines.
This has only increased the time users spend doing laundry and has made such task more stressful.
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LG began to explore the possibility of a washing machine that allows simultaneous separate wash cycles which was also able to handle small loads with ease.
LG opted for a design that included the addition of a mini washer below the conventional wash chamber.
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Aiming to maximize usability and ease-of-installation, LG began working on a compact yet effective washing machine. This design overhaul led to the development of a 40% smaller proprietary Direct Drive motor capable of fitting in the allotted space of the secondary washer.
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When both chambers were used simultaneously, it resulted in significant noise output and vibration. LG countered these problems by installing an advanced shock-absorbing suspension system to complement the proprietary DD motor.
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TWINWash™ maximizes user satisfaction by combining the best of LG’s know-how in washing machine technology as well as insights gained through user feedback. The user-focused innovation on display in the TWINWash™ makes it possible for users worldwide to finally enjoy doing the laundry.