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Keep your air cool, clean and free from pesky mosquitoes with the stylish Mosquito Away Air Conditioner for better sleep every night.

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LG Inverter Air Conditioner

LG Inverter Air Conditioner

Keep your cool with an inverter air conditioner
that’s stylish, powerful and reduces energy usage.
Make life comfortable for you and your family
with inverter air conditioners from LG.

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LG Deluxe Non Inverter
Air Conditioner

Stylish and innovative, LG Air Conditioners come
with advanced features for more convenience,
powerful cooling and healthier air. Cool your space
with LG’s air conditioners.

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Home Air Conditioners

Take control of your environment with an LG home air conditioner. Learn about LG’s 4-way protection, as well as inverter and non-inverter air conditioners, to see how you can enjoy energy savings while protecting yourself from harmful bacteria and particles. Learn More

Browse different LG home air conditioning models and find the right one for your home.You’ll find features like:

Plasma Filter: The Plasma Air Purifying System developed uniquely by LG not only removes microscopic contaminant and dust, but also removes house mites, pollen, pet fur and odour such as cigarette smell and haze.

H1N1 Filter: Our H1N1 filter effectively removes H1N1 viruses in the air.

Stand Alone Air Purifier: Just pressing the Plasma button on the remote, you can use the air con as an air purifier without even turning on the cooling function.

Allergy Filter: LG’s home air conditioning filter removes allergens that causes.

Triple Filter: Triple filter consists of three different organic compound filters that eliminate discomfort and pain of eye and throat. It also can remove bad odour.

Auto Clean: It runs for 30 minutes after you have press the off button on the remote control, to blow dry the coil surface area to prevent dust from sticking on it.

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