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LG LED Monitor

Be it for work or play, the LG LED monitor
delivers vibrant images and sophisticated
features that will take your cyber
experience to the next level.

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LED Monitors

LED monitors from LG have the power to light up whatever you’re watching. Boasting elegant sophistication, awe-inspiring designs and your choice of features, you’ll take computing to the next level with an LG LED monitor. Learn More

Discover theLG LED monitor advantage, with features like:

LED backlight: Gives you the power to light up whatever you’re watching on the LED screen and provides the extra contrast you need to enjoy computing, with brighter colours and darker blacks.

Super Viewing Angle from Any Perspective: Tired of constantly changing your monitor's position looking for the perfect view? Now, as your perspective changes you'll enjoy the same consistent colour and skin tones throughout the screen without any angle gap distortion on your LED monitor.

Original Image Exact Colour Matching: See images true to their authentic beauty with identical colour tone of the original image, along with a consistent colour temperature.

Ultra-slim: The unique slimness of the LED monitor adds to its breathtaking design, while making it easy to maneuver around the desk.

Mega Contrast Ratio: The sharper contrast of brightness and darkness makes it easy to see even the most subtle colour differences on your LG LED monitor. Mega Contrast technology can even show shades of pitch-black, which is considered the most difficult shade to realise.

Eco Friendly: The highly efficient LED backlight greatly reduces energy consumption compared to other monitors. LED monitors also help preserve the environment by not using any hazardous materials, such as Mercury or Halogen.

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