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Wipe out allergens, stains and dirt.

Wipe out allergens,
stains and dirt.

LG washer combo combines unique innovative
features with sleek and sophisticated styling
designed to fit your lifestyle and decor

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6 Motion. 1 Amazing Wash Performance.

6 Motion. 1 Amazing
Wash Performance.

LG’s unique 6 Motion Washing Technology.
Uses 6 different wash motions, designed to
best care for your clothes, just like hand wash.

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LG Washing Machine

LG Washing Machine

Featuring a built-in heater, the LG Hygienic Washing
Machine efficiently removes tough stains, bacteria
and detergent residue. Its 60°C Tub Clean+, 40°C
Warm Wash and Stainless Steel Tub work together
for a cleaner, healthier wash. Better yet, its 6 Motion
function gives your clothes custom care.

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From high-efficiency washers with a stunning Red Flower Design, to understated white, blackor silver washing machines loaded with innovations that are anything but understated – you’ll find a style that delivers on both style and performance. Learn More

Whether you need designer washing machine that’s big enough for family-sized loads, or a washer that’s just for you, you’ll find a range of colors – from pink and red, to standard silver, white or black washing machines with features like:

Direct Drive™ technology: Offers less vibration and greater durability than our non-direct drive systems.

Modern Stylish Design: User-friendly control panel, modern and stylish shape.

Deep Clean Waterfall: Centrifugal washing force effectively mixes detergent and water as well as sprays water throughout the washing cycle.

Smart Cleaning: Smart I-Sensor comes with seven sensors to collect important data during wash to reduce the use of detergent, regulate water hardness and temperature, ensuring the best washing performance.

Health Plus Filter: This filter is compact in design, durable as well as hygienic.

Turbodrum™: LG’s unique Turbo Drum System revolves in the opposite direction to the pulsator for improved washing performance.

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