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LG window air conditioner

Get Your Cool or Heat On

LG’s powerful window air conditioners have everything you need to keep cool or warm, from
different cooling speeds and remote control
to auto shut-off and programmability.



Window Air Conditioners

Cool the whole house or a single room. Whatever your needs, there’s an LG window air conditioner unit designed with your space in mind. Powerful and space saving, and with a variety of innovative features, there’s an LG window air conditioner that’s just right for you. Learn More

Featuring a host of ingenious features, explore the various option available on LG window air conditioners.

BTUs: Available in a range of outputs – from 5,000 to 24,000 BTUs – it’s easier than ever to select the LG window air conditioner that best fits your cooling needs.

Remote Control: LG window air conditioner units with remote controls allow you to adjust the air temperature from across the room.

Programmable Timers: LG window air conditioners allow you to control the air temperature even when you’re not there.

AutoRestart Option: If the power goes out, our window air conditioners will automatically turn back on once it’s restored, giving you one less thing to worry about after a power outage.

3 Cooling & Fan Speeds with Auto Cool: Window air conditioner units have three powerful cooling and various fan speeds that allow you to control the temperature of your room at your pace. Units with two cooling and fan speeds are also available.

4-way Air Direction: Use LG window air conditioners to move the air to where it’s needed most with 4-way air direction. Units with 2-way air direction are also available.

Heating and Cooling Options: Whether it’s too hot or too cold outside, select window air conditioners allow you to turn up the heat or cool things down, so you’re comfortable all year long.

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