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When mother nature turns up the heat, keep your body cool and your home comfortable with an LG air conditioner. Instantly adjust the temperature of the room so you can relax and focus on the things that matter most. Learn More

Learn more about the innovative features and options found on LG air conditioners:

BTUs: Air conditioners from LG are available with a range of BTUs, so you can best match the size of your room with the amount of energy you need to keep it cool. Keep the following factors in mind when selecting an air conditioner: Quantity of windows in the room, open doorways, amount of sunlight in the room, and the number of heat-producing electronic devices.

Energy Efficiency Rating (EER): Every LG air conditioner has an EER that measures how much energy it takes to run the air conditioner under certain conditions. The higher the rating, the less it costs to operate. Look for higher efficiency air conditioners to best suit your needs and your budget.
EnergyStar® Rating: LG takes pride in manufacturing energy efficient air conditioners that carry the EnergyStar® Rating. LG voluntarily participates in the EnergyStar® labeling program, which recognizes products that run more efficiently in an effort to reduce environmental impact.

Remote Control: With just the push of a button you can adjust your air conditioner from across the room.

Programmable Timer: LG air conditioners with programmable timers allow you to cool down your home before you arrive and turn your air conditioner off after everyone has left.

Air Conditioners

View All LG Air Conditioners

All Air Conditioners

View a wide range of cooling options from LG, including casement, low profile, portable, thru-the-wall, and window air conditioners.

LG Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioners

See LG’s convenient portable air conditioners designed with high style and innovative technology.

LG Window Air Conditioners

Window Air Conditioners

Explore LG’s powerful window air conditioners featuring everything you need to keep cool.

LG Wall Air Conditioners

Wall Air Conditioners

Browse LG’s range of wall air conditioners offering style and powerful performance.

LG Casement Window Air Conditioners

Casement Air Conditioners

LG Casement Window Air Conditioners are perfect for casement and horizontal windows. You can keep your space cool, easily and efficiently.

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