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Want us to ship your next refrigerator filter to you, when you need it? LG makes it simple with our handy air and water filter renewal plans. Simply select your filter and Add to Cart to begin.

LG Refrigerator Accessories

Keeping Your Fridge Fresh
Couldn't Be Easier.

Changing your LG Refrigerator’s Water Filter and Air Filter on a regular basis is always a good idea. Water and ice cubes simply taste better, while your food maintains its fresh appeal a lot longer. Find the right filters for your refrigerator model and taste the difference

Refrigerator Filters

How to Change Your Filter

Get great-tasting water and food just got simpler. LG refrigerator water and air filters can improve the taste of your food and the quality of your drinking water, including municipal and well water, for up to six months. Learn More

Learn more about how LG refrigerator air filters and water filters can keep your family’s drinkable water safe and healthy, while making your food taste great.

Contaminate Reduction: Refrigerator water filters allow you to quickly and easily reduce contaminates, like iron, particulates and chlorine in your drinking water and ice cubes.

Purer, fresher air. LG refrigerator air filters help keep your food tasting fresh. It’s best to change your air filter approximately every six months and/or when your CHANGE FILTER light comes on your LED control panel.

Better-Tasting Beverages: With your water’s impurities removed, you can enjoy a cleaner, fresher-tasting glass of water, as well as truer-tasting teas and coffees.

Self-Bottled Water is More Economical: If you’re used to buying cases of bottled water, your LG refrigerator filter can help you save hundreds of dollars each year. Because filters remove harmful impurities, you can simply buy refillable bottles to sip at home and on the go. Not only will your wallet thank you, but the environment will thank you, too.

Replacement is Simple: Replacing your refrigerator filters will take just minutes and won’t require any special tools or skills.

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