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Better Life for All
A 'Better Life for All' is truly worth it when it's sustainable.

Our customer service and innovative quality bring a smile to many. We continue to explore sustainability to make the smile last with a better life for people, and a better future for the Earth.

image of waste appliances piled up for recycling So the next generation doesn't run
out of resources,

image of TV and plants in the living room where sunlight comes in so people can easily live
eco-friendly lives,

image of female worker assembling a washing machine in US LG factory so everyone can work
in better environments,

image of some people sitting in chairs and talking with a woman in a wheelchair so diverse people can
move forward together,

image of reading braille and control button on the washing machine control panel so all of our products are
accessible to everyone,

image of several wind turbine generators on the hill so everything we do is good
for people and the planet.

Silhouette of man against starry night sky

We're committed to taking action on sustainability.
It's essential, not optional.

We plan, take action and
make a difference.

image of sun sets right at the top of the valley African American mother and daughter standing in park. Little girl on mother shoulders
For the Planet
Without water, air, and soil, there would be nothing. We are in process of reducing carbon emissions, increasing the use of renewable energy, and recycling discarded parts. From production to comsumption, we focus on preserving our planet’s natural resources.
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For People
When everyone is moving forward together, the company can grow genuinely. We put inclusive practices to work, bring happiness to all, and make sure our technology and design are for everyone. We create a positive impact on our planet to make it sustainable.
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We analyze our progress
to make sustainability
more visible.

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  • We've reduced carbon by 40% compared to 2017.

  • quarter view of LG north american headquarters with solar panels

    LG North America uses 100% renewable energy.

  • 3.52million tons

    From 2006 to 2021,
    3.52 million tons of discarded appliances were collected to be recycled.

  • close view of grey color polypropylene granule

    We use 32% more recycled plastic than last year.

  • We've reached 87% of our occupational health and safety management certification (ISO 45001).

  • 200 billion won

    We've provided 200 billion won in low-interest loans to our partners.

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*Based on data collected up to 2021

We share our progress to
encourage sustainability widely.

Our commitment to sustainability is already carried in our slogan. Now we turn our ambition into action.

A sustainable world.
A Better Life for All.

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