in everyday living

Sunday dinners. Movie nights. Fresh sheets.
A morning breeze. A home life that restores you.
Our sustainability journey means we can cherish
these precious moments for generations to come.
When we work together to create a more
sustainable way of life, we all reap the rewards.

How to enjoy more sustainable living

  • Water saving

    Save water to turn
    the tide

    Almost 10% of global freshwater consumption is residential water usage.*
    Here are some innovative ways to help you save water and preserve this
    precious resource.

  • Energy saving

    Save energy.
    Secure our future.

    As home appliances become increasingly advanced, their energy
    consumption also increases. To live more sustainably, choose
    environmentally-certified, energy-efficient products that reduce energy
    consumption and meet energy-saving standards.

Sustainable materials

Conserving resources
matters to us

Earth's resources are limited, so conserving resources is no
longer optional. By reducing material usage or choosing
renewable or recycled materials, we can all live a more
sustainable life.

  • *Materials certified by UL 2809 Environmental Claim Validation Procedure (ECVP) for recycled content applies to 2022 LG Soundbar models S95QR, S90QY, S80QR, S80QY, S75Q, S65Q, S60Q, S40Q, SH7Q, SPQ8-S. Amount of recycled fabric varies by model and LG Soundbar models, which come with polyester jersey fabric made from recyled material that meets Global Recycled Standard, are S95QR, S90QY, S80QR, S80QY, S65Q, S60Q, S40Q, SH7Q.
  • **The Environmental Claim Validation certification pertains solely to the TONE Free product and does not cover additional accessories. UL ECV applies to UT60Q, UT90Q and UTF8Q.

Our commitments to the planet

  • Carbon neutrality
  • Circularity
  • Clean technology

Use smart.
Live sustainable.

Your sustainable living journey truly inspires us.
We're committed to both promoting sustainable living
and empowering you along the way.