Greener with
every step

Imagine a world with no waste.
That's what we strive for with our sustainable cycle.
We're recycling existing materials and inventing
entirely new ones to create sustainable products
that can last a lifetime.

Sustainable cycle

Green goes full circle

The sustainable cycle focuses on environmental factors throughout the
entire product lifecycle, ensuring sustainable and responsible practices.

Sustainable cycle

  • Source materials

    Use materials with lower environmental
    impact such as eco-certified steel and
    recycled plastic

  • Development

    Develop sustainable products to reduce
    environmental impact such as
    energy-efficient products

  • Production

    Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in manufacturing,
    expand usage of renewable energy and minimize
    waste to landfill

  • Package

    Use eco-conscious materials like recycled
    paper and reused Expanded Polystyrene

  • Use

    Reduce indirect greenhouse gas
    emissions with energy-efficient products

  • Recycling

    Expand e-waste collection amount and
    resource recycling by material from e-waste

  • Source materials Source materials
  • Development Development
  • Production Production
  • Package Package
  • Use Use
  • Recycling Recycling

Efforts to establish a sustainable cycle

Collecting e-waste

Sustainable e-waste
management program

Help reduce the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills and minimize your
impact on the environment, by recycling your old electronics responsibly through our
e-waste program.

Sustainable recycling solutions

Redefining recyclable

LG recycling center collects old appliances, separates their
materials, and recycles them into new LG products, creating
a virtuous cycle of resource use and disposal.

Better for earth.
Better for us.

We're dedicated to being
environmentally responsible and creating
better technologies For the planet.
We hope you support our mission.