An empowering and confident video featuring Willow Smith, Cody Simpson, and Park Jenny.
The optimists: brave and unlimited

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My Truest Self,
Willow Smith.
  • My Challenges
    Are Endless,
    Cody Simpson.
  • Don't Give Up,
    Find Your Own Path,
    Jenny Park .

Choose to be optimistic.
Then you’ll see why Life’s Good.

Life’s Good.
It’s just two little words.

But it’s an idea with real power.
Because those who dare to believe it
are the people who change the world.

Life’s Good.
Sometimes it’s hard to believe.

Indeed, when life has so many setbacks,
changes, and reasons to doubt.

Yet, it takes guts to be

People who bravely choose to be
in any circumstance can
truly experience
‘Life’s Good.’

At LG, we’re fueled by optimism.
It’s in our DNA.

We’ve bravely strived for innovation
for a better life for all.

LG encourages those
choose to be optimists

to make a better life and a better future.

LG encourage
"'Life's Good."

Bringing a smile to the world

A media facade featuring the LG logo was displayed at landmarks around the world.

'A digital-style hand makes a finger-heart using the thumb and pointer finger, and above the gesture, a red heart shows LG's Life's Good logo.

Fill the world with hearts.
Make smiles for tomorrow.

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