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LG Electronics Delivers Premium HDR Gameplay With G-SYNC Gaming Support for Its OLED TVs


Light up your world with OLED


Every time you sink into the sofa and switch on your LG OLED TV, millions of self-lit pixels create images that pop up on the screen. These pixels can be controlled individually to achieve perfect black and infinite contrast, making what you watch come “alive” with excellent colour, depth, detail and texture.

Are you planning a movie night with the family to watch your favourite films? Do not let backlight bleed (light leaking around the edges of the screen); blooming or the halo effect; or distorted images spoil your evening. With OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology, you can be sure such glitches will not get past your door.

Depending on the type of display technology a TV uses, the same content that appears on your screen can look different. OLED TVs are self-emissive — they produce their own light and colour. Millions of self-lit pixels within their display panel can be turned on and off to produce better contrast (the blacks are darker and the whites brighter), a wider and richer colour range. There is no colour shift, blur or flicker.

If you are watching a starry-night scene, for example, the pixels can illuminate one by one to create a completely black sky and sharper, clearer stars. The tiniest star in the darkest sky will twinkle, giving you a sense of being surrounded by nature’s jewels. And wherever you are lounging in the room, you will be able to catch every minor movement and facial expression of the actors, even in dark battle scenes, and be fully drawn into the story.

LG OLED TVs come with the latest solutions from Dolby which give an immersive viewing experience. The Dolby ­Vision IQ utilizes metadata and the set’s built-in light sensors to ­ optimize picture quality based on content genre and ­ambient surroundings, while Dolby Atmos simultaneously delivers ­multi-dimensional immersive sound. The fourth-generation α (Alpha) 9 Artificial Intelligent (AI) Processor removes noise and optimizes contrast and ­saturation so viewers enjoy crisp, high-quality visuals.

LED and Mini LED TVs, on the other hand, use backlights, which are not self-emissive, to shine through a liquid-crystal display panel for the pixels to make up the images you see. This means black areas of the screen will still show some degree of light. In other words, backlit pixels cannot create so-called true black. So, if you are watching the same night scene, the stars will not look like they are twinkling.

When LED TVs pass light through a filter to display colours on the panel, that interference causes distortion. Besides, they can only turn off certain lighting zones, resulting in a halo effect on the screen. Because of that, viewers may miss some crucial details in a pivotal scene.

Self-lit pixels do not have these problems — there is no light bleed and no halo, so picture quality is sharp and improved. Intertek, a global testing agency based in the UK, has certified that LG OLED displays have 100% colour fidelity. Thus, what you see in your home cinema is what the filmmaker intends you to see. In comparison, the sample colours shown on LED displays have only 70% to 80% colour fidelity.

LG OLED TVs also have faster response times and consume less power.

Constant innovation since LG OLED TVs came on the market has led to technology that allows TVs to be ultra-slim and, therefore, more creative in design. In LED and Mini LED TVs, the backlights combined with various other display layers require a thicker screen, which again can affect picture quality.

You can mount your thinner and lighter LG OLED TV on the wall or a choice area of your home, making it a seamless part of your artistic lifestyle. Unlike bulky, heavy sets that tend to get in the way, LG OLED TVs can be fitted flush to the wall, leaving no gap behind them.

Alternatively, place one on a special gallery stand and turn your home into a gallery. Either way, the LG sets will elevate any space with their futuristic designs.

On top of looking good, they offer an immersive viewing experience that makes you want to stay indoors, and still be in touch with what is happening outside your abode and the country.

Sports fans will naturally leap to palm a ball away from the goalmouth when caught up in the intense action of big tournaments. Or find themselves holding their breath as athlete’s race neck and neck to the finish line, or when a diver takes the plunge.

This real sporting atmosphere immerses fields, courts and pools and flows into the exciting, imaginary lands that gamer’s traverse, in search of adventure or to fight foes and fiends. Gamers will be totally engaged, too, as blazing speed and stunning visuals take their game to another level. Engage OLED Motion Pro to increase clarity, and employ TruMotion, which shows even small objects with less judder.

Breaking news, updates on science and medicine, a documentary that follows refugees on the run, interviews with prominent personalities, fashion parades and creative projects, and award-winning and current top-grossing movies — all these become truly enjoyable when the action is real and smooth, precise and clear.

This is what viewers today want — quality, immersive and engaging entertainment that takes them to new places to explore, gather information, relax or recharge. And they want to feel as though the actors are there before them, bringing every detail to life.

LG OLED makes it possible. Its redesigned display panel has an added layer of a stronger emissive material that refines the wavelengths of light. This increases efficiency and improves brightness with the same amount of light input. Its OLED lighting materials have also been changed to enhance and strengthen light intensity. The result: brighter, sharper images and an enhanced viewing experience that will have you saying, “More!”

Counting down the minutes to when your favourite team takes on an arch rival in a match you have been waiting for? Remember to set up Sports Alerts, a feature only available on LG TVs, and you will get notifications when the game is about to start, automatic updates of real-time scores and the final results.

LG has joined some of the biggest developers and tech companies in gaming to ensure the best HDR gaming experience. LG OLED TVs have low input lag with an incredible 1ms response time. This means every move you input on the controller is displayed instantly on screen, giving you a vital edge over opponents and a better chance of winning. So, get the snacks out, ask your friends over and let the games begin. LG OLED TVs have long been considered among the most advanced gaming TVs in the world because of their self-lit pixel technology and support for the latest HDMI specifications such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), ultra-fast response rate and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). Because LG OLED TVs are NVIDIA G-SYNC® Compatible, LG customers have been able to enjoy their favorite games with immersive gaming experience without the flicker, tearing or stuttering common to most common displays.

For more information, kindly visit; https://www.lg.com/africa/oled-tvs