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Lagos – Nigeria, Oct 27, 2009:  LG Electronics, a global leader in flat panel TV display has unveiled its latest TV product in the Nigerian market. Dubbed, BORDERLESS TV. LG’s SL90 LED LCD TV is a slim, stunning and beautiful masterpiece that produces astonishing picture quality. The new TV is specially created with a glass-like screen element and extra-slim fashion without trace of a border on all four sides and positioned in a way that exemplifies the limitless possibilities of a BORDERLESS spectacle embedded in a TV.


Speaking at the launch ceremony in Lagos, Mr. Dave Shin, Manager, Home Entertainment, LG Electronics, said the new LG BORDERLESS TV is a Full HD LED LCD TV that is almost as thin as the single sheet of smoked glass. According to him, the TV delivers flawless picture quality as its smooth surface with the use of advanced LED backlight and other display technologies are developed by LG to meet the aspirations of today’s consumer who he noted are constantly in tune with contemporary technology and innovation that drives an energized brand.


 “LG SL90 BORDERLESS TV is created to enhance the life style of Premium consumers as it removes worries in terms of room space and lucid ambience of a 21st century home. LG’s latest masterpiece, the SL90, uses film lamination technology to eliminate the gap between the screen and the bezel, creating a perfect flat surface that completely aligns the screen with other elements resulting in a uniform, seamless surface from edge-to-edge, with no visible frame while also significantly reducing glare”.


“With a depth of just 2.9cm, the SL90 is a beautiful window into a new world of immense possibilities in home entertainment, the SL90 TV demonstrate exactly how LG is leading in innovative design and working tirelessly to establish a brand that is positioned as the pinnacle of advanced technology in entertainment”, Shin explained


Mr. Shin also noted that the SL90 is entirely green on the inside as the TV has five distinct energy saving modes and uses up to 80 percent less power than conventional LCD TVs, a quality that underscores LG’s commitment to sustainable environment. LG’s Intelligent Sensor, which reduces energy consumption by analyzing the light in a room and intelligently dimming the TV’s backlight, also adjusts other picture settings to improve image quality and contrast.


The SL90’s ability to connect wirelessly to an entire library of digital content, he said is as attractive as the TV itself, noting that its Bluetooth compatibility brings music, movies and photos from compatible mobile phones directly to the big screen without cables. This same technology, he further said, can be used to connect wireless headphones for private listening and it is accompanied by a USB 2.0 port hidden on the rear of the SL90 TV to allow even more digital content with JPEG, MP3, MPEG4 and DivX files compatibility to be played on the TV using external hard drives, memory cards or thumb drives.


In a remark, Managing Director Fouani Nigeria Limited, Mr. Mohammed Fouani noted that the new SL90 BORDERLESS TV is a further testimony to LG Electronics’ leadership position in 21st century consumer electronics market. He said the SL90 TV is unique in its glossy enclosure and embedded with a technology that produces a great picture and makes every program and movie even more entertaining.