LG Electronics Canvasses Love For Children at SOS Village



It was a day of unforgettable experience, love and care as LG Electronics’ train of Good Life through its Corporate Social Responsibility moved to SOS Village Isolo, Lagos to drum support for the children in a compassionate manner that depicts the brand’s connection to the needs and aspiration of the Nigerian child.

The event which was held under a relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere saw the top management of LG Electronics and Fouani Nigeria Limited, having a nice time through close interaction, gaming and refreshment with over a 100 children.

Not leaving any stone unturned, LG Electronics demonstrated its physical love and care for the children as it made donations of its premium consumer electronics products ranging from LCD television sets to home theater systems, air conditioners and washing machines.

The drumming of support for Nigerian children on this platform is no doubt a demonstration of the company’s belief that children are not only valuable and priceless assets to their family but to their communities, nation and the global stage irrespective of the societal stratum they belong. It is in this light that LG Electronics believes very strongly that all hands must be on deck to make conscious and deliberate effort to treat and show children maximum love and care in ways that would enhance their moral, social, physical and academic upbringing. This would in turn guarantee and boost the ability children to harness their potential and talent for the good of the society.    

At the event the children were given a treat of a life time as they had the opportunity of one-on-one interaction with the top management of LG Electronics and Fouani Nigeria Limited. This was besides the special session of gaming where the children had fun puzzles, quiz, refreshments and music as well dancing and singing.

Speaking at the event, The Managing Director, LG Electronics, West Africa Operations, Mr. Jeayoung Lee, said ‘For us at LG Electronics, it is our core belief that children are special gifts and assets to a society. They are the future. If that future must be bright and beautiful then we must invest in them today by showing them love, care and compassion at every given point in time’.

Lauding the high level of love and care demonstrated by LG Electronics to Nigerian children, the Director, SOS Village Isolo, Lagos, Mr. Benjamin Buraimoh, described the act as taking the lead in children’s wellbeing initiatives. ‘This for me is what I can best describe as the height of responsibility that any responsible organization can show to its publics. This is a practical demonstration of what it means to connect to the aspirations and yearnings of children and I dare say that LG Electronics has been in the fore front of making things better for the Nigerian child.

On his part the Managing Director, Fouani Nigeria Limited, Mr. Mohammed Fouani, said ‘There is one way the prosperous future of a nation can be guaranteed. This is by investing in the human capital and resources of that nation and this must begin with children who are embodiments of success waiting to be discovered and harnessed for the good of that nation’.

Overwhelmed by the gesture of LG Electronics visit to the Village, the Mother Rep. Mrs. Bolanle Idris who directly oversees the wellbeing of the children commended LG Electronics for its passion for the Nigerian children through initiatives that help them achieve their dreams. She was particularly grateful to the company not just for the physical donations of items but also for the quality time they spent with the children. This, she said, would help the children’s self worth, dignity and above all a positive sense of belonging to the society.

LG Electronics has over the years demonstrated its love for Nigeria through various corporate social activities. Among them are free eye surgeries for more than a hundred Nigerians which helped in recovering their sights, donation to orphanage homes, donation of over 75 limbs to physically challenged Nigerians and partnership with the Lagos State Government in planting over 200 trees to help protect the environment against degradation and other symptoms of global warming.