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Lagos, Nigeria, April 6, 2009: In order to reward loyalty at the point of purchase and also add fun to consumers shopping routine, LG Electronics, has embarked on a consumer promotion tagged ‘Scratch and Match Promo’. The promo was announced by the company in Lagos recently.


The ‘Scratch and Match Promo’ which commences before Easter is expected to add excitement to shoppers time in LG’s dealers shops nationwide. The promo is designed to reward one million Nigerians with high value LG products like the LG 60” and 32” Plasma TVs, 15” TV sets, DVD Players, Microwave Ovens and USB flash drives.


Mr. Peter Ko, the General Manager, Marketing, LG Electronics, West Africa Operations, who commented on the promo said, “we believe that shopping can be a lot more fun than just working into a shop and picking a product and that is what informed our decision to embark on the ‘Scratch and Match Promo’. It is a fun promo, it is engaging, it is simple to play and it gives you instant reward. It will basically give any of our consumers shopping any where in Nigeria, a moment to pause and take a rewarding fun-break from shopping.”


During the period of the campaign, every LG Air-conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, oven, television, Home Theatre, Hi-Fi, DVD Player, Laptop, Car Audio and Projector purchased from any LG dealer shop nationwide will come with a scratch card which qualifies the buyer to participate in the promo.


Winning is simple in the ‘Scratch and Match Promo’; when a consumer purchases any of the participating products, the consumer qualifies and collects a promo scratch card. The consumer then gently scratches the “scratch here” seal on the left hand side of the promo scratch card to reveal one hidden prize and then also gently scratch one of the six seals by the right hand side of the promo scratch card to reveal another hidden prize. If the two revealed prizes match, then the consumer wins an LG promo prize instantly.


Mr. Ko pointed out that for every revealed prize on the left hand side of the ‘Scratch and Match Promo’ scratch card, a matching prize has been hidden under one of the six seals on the right hand side of the scratch card. So consumers just have to use their intuition to make the lucky choice in order to win.


“At LG we are always looking for refreshing new ways to deepen our connection with our consumers. And try to achieve this deliberately latching unto the platforms that make the most sense to them. The ‘Scratch and Match Promo’ offers consumers free quality LG products in a basic winning format. No stress, no hassles, you just scratch and match. And we sincerely hope that consumers will seize the opportunities that the promo offers.” Mr. Peter Ko concluded.


Consumers can participate as many times as possible during the promo period and multiple purchasers are qualified for multiple chances to scratch and match. However, the ‘Scratch and Match Promo’ is not extended to LG Commercial Air-conditioners, accessories, USB memory and direct billing sales for institutional and corporate purchases.