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Life’s Good when you Get More Love!
For all the moments of love and the everyday adventures at home, LG is there.
Watch as our hero family shows just how much they care for each other in every episode!

Episodes (7)

OLED Magic Remote
Can you turn up the volume?

When Grandma struggles to see the buttons on the remote, a little help from her granddaughter and a simple voice command do the trick!
Watch to see the action!


AC with ThinQ
Where's the remote?

It’s never there when you need it the most!
When an AC remote goes missing, Dad starts sweating to find it.
But, could Mom be the main suspect all along?
Watch now to find out!

Residential AC's >

AC with ThinQ
How can I escape the heat?

When the AC is on low on a scorching hot day, Mom needs to figure out a way to cool the house from afar!
Can she do it?
Watch now to find out!

Residential AC ThinQ >

Honey, where's the Ketchup?

Dad can never find what he’s looking for!
A ketchup bottle hides in plain sight as Dad tries to find it.
But, can Mom “knock” some sense into the situation?
Watch now to find out!

InstaView™ Refrigerators >

InstaView with ThinQ
Can I get a midnight snack?

When Dad disappears for a midnight snack, ThinQ gives Mom the heads up to catch him in the act.
Watch to see the action!

InstaView™ ThinQ >

Washing Machine Dryer
Can we get away with this?

Two partners in crime go on a night-time laundry coverup!
But, will they make it out without getting caught?
Watch now to find out!

Washing Machine >

Is this clean enough?

It’s only clean if Mom says so!
Will Mom trust anyone but the dishwasher with the dishes?
Watch now to find out!

Dishwashers >