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[LG webOS TV] General Settings


[LG webOS TV] General Settings


function Configuring Language Settings


            home settings advanced setting General Language

            You can choose the menu language displayed on the screen and the audio language

            of the digital broadcast.


            Menu Language

            You can select one of the menu languages to be displayed on the screen.


            Primary Audio Language / Secondary Audio Language

            You can choose the language you want when watching a digital broadcasting

            programme, which includes multiple audio languages.

            For programmes that do not support multiple languages, the default will be used.

            ● Applies to digital broadcasting.


            Voice Recognition Language

            Select the language for voice search.


            Keyboard Languages

            Select the language to use the on-screen keyboard.



function Setting the Location


            home settings advanced setting General Location

            You can change the location setting of your Smart TV.


            Address Setting

            You can set the Region and City of your TV.


            Broadcast Country Setting

            You can set the broadcast country on your TV. 


            LG Services Country

            If you don't set the Set Automatically, you can select the country manually.

            ● You must set the country manually when you are not connected to the network.     

            ● The configurable items differ depending on country.



function Setting Time & Date


            home settings advanced setting General Time & Date

            You can check or change the time while watching the TV.


            Set Automatically

            Automatically sets the time displayed on the TV screen to the time of the digital

            broadcast sent by the broadcasting company.


            Time / Date / Time Zone

            You can manually set the time/date if the automatically set current time is incorrect.


            Custom Time Zone

            When select the Custom in Time Zone, Custom Time Zone menu is activated.



function Setting Sleep Timer


            home settings advanced setting General Timers Sleep Timer

            Sets the TV to turn off at a specified time.
            If you want to disable Sleep Timer, select



function Automatically Turning the TV On or Off


            home settings advanced setting General Timers Timer Power On / Off

            You can set the Power On/Off time for the TV.
Off if you are not going to set Timer Power On/Off.

            ● To use Timer Power On / Timer Power Off, set the time correctly.



function Using ECO Mode


            home settings advanced setting General  Eco Mode

            Set power options to reduce energy consumption.


            HDD Eco Mode

            If you set the mode to On, the USB HDD connected to the TV will go into

            power-saving mode when it has been left unattended for an extended period of time.



function Adjusting the LG Logo Light


            home settings advanced setting General LG Logo Light (Front of TV)

            You can adjust the brightness of the LG logo at the bottom of the TV.
            Select the
Brightness. You can set the brightness of the LG Logo Light

            (Front of TV) when the TV power is off to Off/Low/Medium/High.

            ● This option is available only for some models.



function To set Power Indicator


            home settings advanced setting General Standby Light

            Turns the standby light in the front panel of the TV on / off.

            ● This feature is available on certain models only.



function Changing the TV Mode


            home settings advanced setting General Home/Store Mode


            You can choose between HOME MODE and STORE MODE.

            To use the TV at home, select HOME MODE.
            STORE MODE only when the TV will be displayed in store. Select the Store mode

            for settings optimized for store display.


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