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I can't connect speakers


I can't connect speakers


To connect a speaker

 Things to check

To connect a speaker, first look for a speaker terminal at the rear of AMP. Then connect the cable matching its color, + for red and – for black.
You have to use an appropriate speaker for your model.
When connecting it, please turn off the power for protection purpose. 

How to fix

① Connect the cable between speaker and the unit 
- There are 6 cables with colored bands attached at the end. 
- Connect the cables matching each color with terminals on the unit.    
② Connect the other side of the cable to the speakers; Front, Center and Subwoofers.
   - Connect to the terminals in the same way with ①.

   . Install the center speaker out of the reach of children. (They might get injured when it falls.)
   . At the rear of back speaker, there is a sticker attached indicating that it is a back speaker. Please use separately from the front speaker.
   . Be careful not to push down front/back speakers. (If the speaker falls, you might get injured or they might get damaged.)
   . Be cautious for children not to put their hands inside or for the foreign objects not to go inside speaker duct (a speaker to strengthen bass sound or hole on woofer)
   - Among the two cables of speaker, connect the one with black band to [–] terminal and the other to [+] terminal.
   - To connect the cable to the ‘Speaker connection’ terminal, press down a plastic tap with your finger as shown in the picture and insert the wire into a hole and free the plastic tap.

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