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FLW Knocking, Banging, Thumping

  • Noises
  • Knocking/Banging
  • Troubleshooting
  • Dryers, Washing Machines
  • Last Updated 08/05/2013

Is the unit level?

If Yes: Proceed to step 2

If No: If the washer is not level, these kinds of noises can occur at various times throughout the cycle.

Leveling and Flooring Illustration

Are there loose items in the machine?

If Yes: Loose items in the machine will make knocking sounds. Be sure to check and empty the pockets of clothing items prior to washing.

Loose Items

If No: Proceed to step 3

Are the inlet hoses or drain hose knocking against the rear of the unit?

If Yes: When water flows through the hoses, they will move. Make certain all hoses are attached securely and, if necessary, tie them to prevent unnecessary movement. This is especially important during the spin cycle when the unit reaches such high RPMS.

Inlet Hose Illustration

If No: Proceed to step 4

Are the clearance requirements being observed?

If Yes: Proceed to step 5

If No: Observing clearance requirements will reduce noise caused by items in contact with the washer. Items should not be placed on top of the unit. Be sure to leave at least 1 inch on each side and 4 inches at the back.

Is the sound coming from the water pipes in the home?

If Yes: This is known as water hammer. It is a condition caused by a sudden obstruction in the path of high pressure fluid flowing through a pipe. This noise is generated by the home's main water pipe and not the washer itself. This is also caused by high water pressure in the pipes. An easy solution for this is to adjust the water pressure by slightly closing the water supply valve behind the washer to reduce the water pressure coming through the hoses.

Water Hammer Illustration

If No: Service may be required. Identify if there are any other symptoms occurring.

2nd: Call:

I sincerely apologize that the steps provided in our first discussion have not resolved the problem.

During your previous call to us, did the representative have you perform some troubleshooting steps such as:

1. Checking the unit was leveled correctly

2. Checking for loose items in the drum

3. Verifying that the hoses were not knocking against the back of the machine

4. Clearance requirements are being observed

5. Noise is not coming from the home pipes

If No: Proceed with "1st Call" Troubleshooting Steps

If Yes: "Please allow me a moment to check availability with an LG technician or service center."

Is this the first call for this problem? 

If Yes: Continue with 1st Call Troubleshooting steps.
If No: Proceed to the Second Call Instructions.

Customer Education:

"These sounds may be caused by a couple of different things."

Lets perform some simple troubleshooting steps to see if this issue can be resolved over the phone.



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