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Water tastes fishy. What should I do?


Water tastes fishy. What should I do?





Symptom Symptom


             1. Purified water tastes fishy.






Cause Cause


             1. When old filters are used, water may taste strange.

                 It is recommended to change filters accordingly to keep water quality. 

                Not replacing filters can impede water taste.






How to fix How to fix


             1.Applicable model: WQD*, WQS*, WHD*, WCD, WAD*


             2. If filters have not been changed since installation, filters and the purifier need to be checked.

             3. For replacement, please contact the service center and your Health Care manager. 

             4. Regular filter change is essential to keep water clean. 

             5. Product performance also may be impeded when outdated filters are used. 

                 Please have your filters replaced and purifier checked.






Filter change cycle Filter change cycle


             1. Filter change cycle is based on an assumption of water use of 10 liters per day in case of a household. 

             2. Change cycle varies but average replacement cycles are as follows.

                                                         ·  Sediment filter : 4 months


                                                         ·  Pre-carbon block filter : 6 months


                                                         ·  UF (Ultrafiltration filter) :12 months


                                                         ·  RO (Reverse osmosis filter) : 24 months


                                                         ·  Post-carbon block filter : 18 months


                ※  Filter change cycle can vary by model. Please to a user’s manual for more information.






Filter types Filter types



            •  1st step  : Sediment filter 
                              - The filter removes organic matters, rust flakes, and contaminants in water to protect parts such as a tap water valve.


            •  2nd step : Pre-carbon block filter
                               - Activated carbon is manufactured by burning coconut shells.

                                 The filter removes residual chlorine and volatile organic  compounds .


            •  3rd step : UF membrane filter

                               - The filter filtrates bacteria and microorganism of 0.2 micrometers and allows minerals to pass.


            •  4th step : Post-carbon block filter

                        - The filter is equipped with high-performing activated carbon that is effective for removing volatile organic compounds. 
                                 It also helps to remove odor and enhance taste of water.



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