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Detergent/Additive Usage



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Adding Detergent

Detergent must be put into the detergent chamber before starting any program.

Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions within the manual, when determining the correct amount of detergent to use.

1. Push the button beside the detergent injection hole to open the cover.

2. Place the proper quantity of detergent into the detergent holder.

   Detergent Tablets should be place on the bottom of the tub next to the filter.

3. The detergent holder is divided into ‘Main Wash’ and ‘Pre Wash’, and up to 50g of detergent can be loaded in the main wash section.

4. Close the cover of the detergent container. If large tablets are placed in the detergent holder,

    it may not close, or allow the lid to release during the wash.

Amount detergent

Use only the detergent intended for household dishwashers. (Ordinary hand washing

  detergent should not be used, because the foam will interfere with proper operation.)

• When using some dishwasher tablets, the dispenser may not open due to their excessive size.

• If this happens, place the tablet onto the floor of the tub.

Cautions for using tablet (2in1, 3in1) detergent

When using some dishwasher detergent tablets, they may become stuck in the dispenser due to their excessive size.

If this occurs, the dispenser may remain closed causing poor wash results. Tablets can be placed onto the base of the wash tub next to the filter before starting the cycle.

Do not use liquid rinse aid if the detergent tablet contains a rinse aid agent. Otherwise, excessive foaming will occur and cause poor drying and streaking on dinnerware. If dry performance is not good or water stain remains, you need add an extra rinse.1

Adding Rinse aid to the Dispenser

Rinse aid must not be added if dish washing tablets are used which contain a built in Rinse aid. Too much or too little rinse aid can inhibit the drying performance.

1) Press the lever on the top of the rinse aid compartment so that the flap opens.

2) Pour the rinse up to the maximum level indicator at the bottom.

3) Adjust the quantity of rinse by rotating the adjuster.

4) Close the cap after adjustment.

Rinse level setting

• You can adjust the quantity of rinse from level 1 to level 6.

• The higher the level, the more rinse aid dispensed.

• If drying performance is not good, adjust the indicator to a higher level.

If, after washing, you notice cloudy spots, streaks or water marks on your glassware, you need to increase the setting level.

If the glass is smeared or foam is present on the bottom, select a lower setting.

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