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No power


Circuit Breaker

This could be caused by either the circuit breaker being too low to support the electrical requirements of the unit or the circuit 

breaker is not dedicated to the dishwasher(supports other appliances). Make certain that the circuit breaker is on and the fuses are good.

The unit is designed with a function to protect it in the event of power failure. This will display a “PF” code on the unit  when power is disrupted.

The unit will draw 10 amps when heating, be sure to provide a power point that has a dedicated 10 amps available during the use of the dishwasher.

This may require the services of a Licensed electrician.

CIRCUIT BREAKERS is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damages caused by overload or short circuit.

unlike  a FUSE which operates once and then has to be replaced but a Circuit breaker can be reset manually or automatically to resume normal operation.

Power Cord plug in

If the power cord to the unit is not plugged in all the way, the unit will not receive power. Make certain that the power cord is plugged in all the way 

 and there is no damage to the cord. And you should not use the extension code.

Extension cord

The use of extension cords is not recommended. If an extension cord is used check the capacity rating. It may not be adequate to support the unit.

If one is necessary, it MUST be rated to provide the same power supply as the outlet: 220~240 volts, 50/60Hz AC only, minimum 10 amps. Especially 

If dishwasher is operated with micro oven or washing  machine which same extension code, circuit breaker may be shut down. It must have a rounding prong.

Electric shock while touching the Dishwasher?

There are risk of electrocution if the power source is not earthed. You should be plug in the socket  equipped with earthing. Do not use extension cord

which are not equipped with earthing. If you still feel electric shock after earthing (ground), call the service.

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