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Dispenser Does Not Open Completely

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Do you have a model with an adjustable upper rack?
If Yes: Check that the upper rack is positioned and inserted correctly. If you use tablet type detergents and the top rack is in the lower position,
 the door may not open fully and the tablet will be unable to fall from the compartment.
If No: Be sure that no items in the unit are blocking the dispenser before you run a washing program.


Detergent Remains After the Cycle Has Finished

TS Guidelines

   LG recommends using a dishwasher load out like the one illustrated in your owners manual.

       Check the load out of the dishes. Large items, such as a frying pan, can block the water spray from reaching the detergent compartment.

       In the case of a liquid or  powdered detergent, this may prevent it from dispensing completely.

      NOTE: Some type of detergents, when mixed with water may turn very thick, like a paste, and stick in the dispenser

                   if the door does not open all the way because of a large item obstructing the dispenser door. 

   LG recommends the use of a tablet or packet type detergent to prevent detergent from remaining in the dispenser at the end of the cycle.

      NOTE: If tablet detergent is used in the dispenser, do not place the top rack in the lowest position, as this will prevent the dispenser door from opening

                   all the way. This will prevent the tablet from dissolving properly.

Dispenser Function Test

    To determine if the dispenser door is being blocked by an item in the unit, run an empty cycle with detergent in the dispenser. At the end of the cycle,

   if the dispenser is empty,    the unit is working fine and it was a dish blocking the dispenser door. Check dispenser door after half an hour to see if it is opened.

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