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Dishwasher Steam Operation FAQ

1. What is the steam delicate cycle?

The steam cycle is a delicate cycle intended for dishwasher safe china and stem ware. It incorporates steam into the wash cycle.

This allows for higher, more consistent temperatures throughout the tub and better melting of soils because steam molecules penetrate deeper.

2. What is the steam option?

The steam option on the dishwasher will add steam to a wash cycle. This is not available on all cycles.

3. To what wash cycles can the steam option be added?

The steam option can be added to all cycles except the quick cycles. Consult the owner's manual for model specific information on available cycles.

4. What is the added benefit of Steam? (Why is it better?)

The Steam Function on the dishwasher works in two ways. The first, is that the steam provides a higher, more consistent temperature in the unit.

This allows for better melting. Secondly, the steam molecules are much smaller, so they penetrate soils to help break them up and then lift them away.

5. What types of soils is steam better at removing?

Steam is more efficient at removing heavily baked on soils and soils with higher wax content. Chocolate and lipstick,

which contain higher amounts of wax in them,

will be removed more efficiently. This is all done with less energy, less water and less noise. Put the dishes such as pans,

pots near the steam nozzles to get better results.

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