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    Inspection code: CH38
    ■ Title - Inspection code: CH38■ Problem - Error/Display screen■ Symptom - CH38■ Possible Cause - The CH38 error code will appear when the refrigerant(gas) level of theappliance is low, to protect the appliance.■ Solution or Settings1. Did ...
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    YouTube Video: LG Split AC - Auto Operation Mode
    Auto Operation(AI) Mode in LG Split Air Conditioner.This mode automatically sets the fan speed and temperature depending on the roomtemperature.This Function/Feature is only available in Cooling Only Model.Check out the below video to know ...
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    YouTube Video: [LG Split AC] - Filter Cleaning Guide
    Check below video to know how to clean LG Split Air Conditioner Filters:<br>Your LG Split Air Conditioner may not be cooling properly. One reason for notcooling could be dirty/dusty filter. Filter cleaning in LG AC is required atregul...
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    Do I need Computer Monitor Drivers and Additional Software? - Monitor
    Search for Monitor Drivers & SoftwareHint: If you have trouble finding your model in the list, try typing a smallpart of it instead. e.g. For lgd850, type d850 instead.For additional troubleshooting, check the scenerios below:Monitor displa...
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    I get Lo code on the display screen
    ■ Tilte - I get Lo code on the display screen■ Problem - Error/Display screen■ Symptom - Function code (NO, CO, HI, LO, F1~6, ㄱ, ㄴ etc)■ Possible cause - Lo code will appear during the first 0~3mins of the test run for LED typewall-mounted ...
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    YouTube Video: [LG Split AC] - How to use LG Dual Inverter AC Remote
    Check below video to know how to use LG Split Air Conditioner Remote:<br>
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Game App

You can enjoy more games by downloading them to an external device(USB memory, HDD). Use the links below to download.
NOTICE : Please prepare a USB memory or HDD to save Game App. files.

  • Bobble Pong

    Match three or more consecutive bubbles of the same color using the arrow.
    The matching bubbles will pop and your scores will rise.

  • Monster World

    Get various items while avoiding monsters and pumpkins.
    Once you remove all monsters you can proceed to the next stage for more items!

  • Valentine

    Match chocolate pieces by following each recipe to make it complete.