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معلومات ونصائح حول منتجات ال جي

احصل على معلومات تساعدك حول منتج إل جي الخاص بك

تعرف على كيفية تركيب المنتج وصيانتة وتحديد العطل وإصلاحه باستخدام خياراتنا للبحث.


  • الاستخدام وإعدادات
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The on-screen keyboard displays automatically on the screen when you need to enter text. To manually display the keyboard, simply tap a text field where you want to enter text. There are following types of keyboards that you can use: Google voice typing and LG Keyboard.

Select the LG Keyboard Type
Use Google Voice Typing
Changing the Keyboard
LG Keyboard Tips

Select the LG Keyboard Type

The LG Keyboard modes include QWERTY keyboard, Phone keyboard, and Handwriting recognition.

1. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > Language & input > tap Gear icon to the right of LG Keyboard


With the LG Keyboard open, touch and hold the Microphone icon , then slide your finger to the Gear icon and release it.

2. Tap Input language and type, place a checkmark next to the desired language then tap is respective Gear icon

3. Select between the two keyboard types:
  • QWERTY keyboard - standard keyboard layout.
  • Phone keyboard - letters are assigned to numbered keys using T9 text prediction.
Note: Options may vary depending on input language selected.

To select Handwriting recognition, touch and hold the Microphone icon , then slide your finger to the Pencil icon and release it.
Use Google Voice Typing

Google voice typing uses Google voice recognition to convert speech to text.

1. With the LG Keyboard open, touch the Microphone icon

Note: Icon defaults to the last selected option. Long press to see additional options. Voice input must be selected from the settings menu for microphone icon to display.

2. Speak into the phone's microphone and watch your text being entered on screen.

3. If the text is incorrect, tap the word and correct it.
Changing the Keyboard

1. If more then one keyboard is installed, with the LG Keyboard open, swipe down from the Notification Panel and tap Choose input method to select another keyboard.

LG Keyboard Tips

Path input: To enter a word, draw a path through the letters. A space will be inserted automatically after each word.

Path input is enabled by default. If you do not regularly use Path input, you can disable it. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > Language & input . Tap the Gear icon next to LG Keyboard. Remove the checkmark from Path input to disable.

Gesture control: To enable Gesture controls, from the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings >  Language & input . Tap the Gear icon next to LG Keyboard, then Keyboard gesture. Place a checkmark next to the options to enable.

Swipe the keyboard left or right to adjust the position of LG keyboard.

Show keyboard by tapping any text field to view the keyboard. To hide the keyboard, swipe down or tap the Back key .

Split the keyboard in two using your fingers in landscape mode. To split, place two fingers on center of keyboard and drag outward. Each half withdraws to the left and right of the screen. Alternately place two fingers on the outside of the keyboard and drag inward to return to normal.

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