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[Microwave] Noise when sterilizing feeding bottles

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  • Last Updated 10/07/2014


Noise when sterilizing feeding bottles



      Does popping sound occur during sterilizing a feeding bottle?


○ Detailed answer

      The popping sound occurs due to rapid heating of water molecules to reach above 100 ℃.

       Please follow instructions below for sterilizing feeding bottles.


       - When using auto cook, fill 1/3 of the bottle with water. Flip the rubber teat and place on the top

          of the bottle before heating. Using boiled water reduces the popping sound.

       -  When sterilizing only one bottle, put it in the middle of turntable.

           For 3~4 bottles, put them on the edge of turntable.

       - When using manual cooking, wait for the water in the bottle to boil and finish after one minute.







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