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Video streams are buffering

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  • Ultima actualizare 17/09/2015

Video Streams are buffering

When trying to playback a video stream with the television, the stream is not starting, but the player shows that the stream is buffering.

This problem can be resolved with the following troubleshooting procedure:

  1. Check if the problem occurs in apps, or in the web browser. The web browser should not be used to play streaming media.

  2. Connect the television directly to router. If it is not buffering, then it might be the wireless network

    1. If it is the wireless network, check if the 5GHz network can be used, this will increase speed.

    2. Check how many devices are using the router, are they downloading data? Is anything auto-updating, someone playing on online game etc. Try disconnecting al other devices.

    3. Check if the wireless band is busy, f.e. because of the neighbors using the same band. Switch frequencies if needed.

    4. Use the LAN cable permanently, or switch to powerplugnetwork (LAN over powercables)

  3. Still buffering, even with the cable? Reset the router, or maybe reset the modem (if that is not the same device in the house)

  4. Still buffering after reset and using a cable? Check dataspeed from provider. Use a website like speedtest to test transfer speeds.

  5. Highspeed dataplan? Check if buffering also occurs during the day, sometimes during the evening it might be busier on the network.

  6. Can other devices access the stream without buffering? Then it might be the television.

    1. Perform a factory reset.

    2. Disconnect from the power for half an hour then try again

    3. Check for firmware update on the television


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