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Gaseste informatii de ajutor pentru produsul tau LG

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No 3D image after wearing 3D glasses (FPR).

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  • Ultima actualizare 01/06/2016

No 3D image after wearing 3D glasses (FPR).

3D TV with polarized glasses/FPR

LG 3D TV sold in the market today has no specific checkup required for 3D glasses.

3D TV with shutter glasses 

When 3D image is not shown1   : Check if the glasses are turned on.

   ☞ Power button is located on the right side of the glasses.

   ☞ Blinks once_ON / Blinks 3 times_OFF

       Press once : ON 

Hold once or no signal for more than 1 minute :OFF

Blinks 3 times  

 When 3D image is not shown 2   :   Recharge batteries of LG 3D TV glasses.

   ☞ When batteries are discharged, LED flashes for a minute before it is turned off. Please recharge them before using it.

   ☞ For recharging, connect the glasses to USB port on the side of TV and PC.

   ☞ It takes about 1.5 hours to recharge the batteries.

When red light continues to blink for a minute

 Connect it to TV USB port.                                   LED changes to green when charging is completed.

※ Charge batteries : Red LED continues to blink


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