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[LG G4]What is Smart Settings?

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  • Ultima actualizare 09/06/2015

What is Smart Settings?


Function Function


            1. With Smart Settings, you can have turn apps and features on or off, open, or change according to where you are or what you do. 

            2. For example, you can access Wi-Fi network when you come home.  You can also plug in earphones and listen to music.

                Go to Smart Settings under Settings to view more.

                Your mobile phone settings change automatically according to your mobile phone usage and place of usage.


How to use How to use


            1.You can also access settings in Settings > General > Smart Settings.

               The place you stay the most is recognized as home (requires a learning period of about 5 days)


              Smart Bulletin→ Smart Settings   Smart settings 

                   [Smart BulletinSmart Settings]                               [Smart Settings]


             -To manually change, go to [Edit Smart Settings] or [Settings – General – Location – My Place].


             Edit Smart setting 

                       [Edit Smart setting]  


2.A Smart Notice Card shows suggestions for Smart Settings according to user pattern.


            Smart notice card

                              [Smart Notice Card]







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