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How do I disassemble a refrigerator door?

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How do I disassemble a refrigerator door?




symptom Potential cause


              ■ Problem with disassembling a refrigerator door       





how to fix How to disassemble


               For DIOS refrigerators


1. Separate a cover of an upper part of a refrigerator door using a cross-tip screw driver.

    procedure 1


2. Remove a white plastic connector.

    procedure 2


3. Fridge door: Turn a can opener shaped (Y-shaped) hook from left to right 90 degrees (clockwise). Lift it up and take it out.


Freezer door: Turn the can opener shaped (Y-shaped) hook from right to left (counterclockwise) 90 degrees. Lift it up and take it out.

procedure 3


4. Lift up a metal hinge to remove.


    procedure 4

5. Lift up a door and pull out forward. Hold the door tightly as it is very heavy. Assemble in a reverse order.


For a dispenser model, it is recommended to request a technician.

                For French DIOS refrigerators

                  1. Disassembly procedure is same as above.

2. To remove a freezer, unfasten a white screw on sides. Push upward slightly and pull forward to remove.

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