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How to assembly the Shelve

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How to assembly the Shelve



 How to fix

1. Difficult to disassemble or assemble shelf

Shelf disassembly- French Door Model
-. Remove all the items on the shelf and lift up the front part.
-. Then pull out with two hands.

Shelf assembly- French Door Model
-. Lift up the front part slightly then hold at the level you want.
-. Hook the back part then put the front part down.

Shelf disassemble- S x S refrigerator
Type 1
-. Keep doors wide open.
-. Lift up the back part of shelf slightly and pull out.
-. After pulling out halfway, lift up the front part slightly.
-. Then pull out.

Type 2
-. Keep doors wide open.
-. Hold the front part and pull it forward until it stops.
-. If it stops, lift up slightly.
-. Then pull out.

2. Difficult to disassemble or assemble Bottle Holder

1) Bottle holder(Basket) disassembly
-. Hold both ends, lift up the front part slightly, then pull out.

2) Bottle holder(Basket) assembly
-. Hold both ends, then push down one side at a time.
-. Tap the basket to level and fasten it.

3) Bottle holder(Diary corner) disassembly
-. Hold both ends and lift up to take out.

3. Difficult to disassemble or assemble Magic Space

-. Remove the diary corner first, pull the home bar cover upward  then take it out.
-. Pull the home bar cover upward then take it out.

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