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The remote controller does not work. What should I do?

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  • Ultima actualizare 16/06/2015

The remote controller does not work.


When Remote only works near the air conditioner


Symptom Symptom


             Remote only works near the air conditioner.


Cause Cause


             The remote may not work when used far from the air conditioner.

             If the remote works only when located near the air conditioner, it may be due to the batteries.


How to fix How to fix


             1. The remote controller should be located within 7 meters from the AC.

                   -Distance may vary depending on remaining battery.

             2. When replacing batteries, use two AAA batteries and do not mix old and new batteries.


                     Remote controller within 7 M from AC


replace the battery

< Replace the batteries>




Remote controller does not work.


Symptom Symptom


             The remote controller does not work.


Cause Cause 1


             Battery can leak when connection is bad or humidity in the surroundings.


How to fix How to fix


             1. If batteries leak, please replace them with new ones.

             2. To check the old ones, scrape off deposits or wipe with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

             ※ When the remote controller is not used for a long time, please take out the batteries and store them away.

               Battery leak

                        <Battery leak>

How to fix How to check the remote controller


             1. Press the remote controller button and see if red LED light turns on.
                It is easier to check with a cell phone camera or a digital camera.

             2. See If the red light turns on. If yes, it is normal.
                Please replace the batteries if the light does not turn on. 
             3. If red light still is not on after changing the batteries, please contact the service center for technical assistance.

                Check if the remote works

                       <Check if the remote works >



Remote controller does not work.


Cause Cause 2


             1. Infrared wireless communication is used for data exchange between a remote controller and an air conditioner.

             2. Intermittent malfunctions on [Start/Stop] button and other operational buttons occur

                 when the wavelength which tri-color Fluorescent lamps emit overlaps that of a remote controller when it operates.


How to fix How to fix indoors


             1. Try using the remote controller with the indoor lamps off.

                  If a remote controller works fine, a fluorescent stabilizer needs to be replaced with a mechanical one.


                  Tri-color fluorescent lamps interfere with infrared communication


                <Tri-color fluorescent lamps interfere with infrared communication>


Remote controller does not work.


Cause Cause 3

             Make sure that you are using the right remote controller for your product. If the remote controller is for other products

            (e.g.universal remote controller), features may not be engaged or malfunction can occur. 

How to fix How to fix

             1. Please use genuine remote controller. 
             2. T
he lowest temperature that can be set is 20 and 18℃ for old and new models, respectively.

                 Check if you have set temperature lower than  20℃. If yes, please change the set temperature.
             3. For old
models, please set the temperature higher than 20℃.



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