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How can I restore the backup I made via LG Backup?

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  • Ultima actualizare 24/09/2015

Note that LG Backup service is not available on all LG Android phones.
Device used: LG G3.
The user interface may be different on other models.


· A restore action deletes all data currently on the device

· Make sure you have the latest version of the app (Check via Settings > About phone > Update center > App Updates. If requested, agree to terms of service (on initial setup only).

· Your battery level needs to be above 30%.

· Log in with the same Google account you used for the backup.

· Check if there is enough storage space on the device/SD card (depending where the file is stored) to restore the backup file.

How to:

1. Go to Settings > tab General > Back & reset > LG Backup service > Backup & restore > File restore & management
(on some devices there is a separate app available.)

2. The backup file should be visible. In case there is no file visible, check the following:

· Use the Back button to close Backup & Restore (Try to reopen the settings by using the back button to close the Settings app and then perform step 1 again)

· Check where the file is stored. On some models, you need to store the file on the internal memory, under Internal storage\LGBackup.

3. Tap the file and check the data that will be restored. Make sure to select all items you want to restore.

3a. depending on the model you have, it may be that not all items can be restored.

How to make a backup is discussed in a separate topic.


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