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LG G3 shares top honours of 'Best Smartphone of the Year' by the GSMA at the Mobile World Congress 2015 for its quality, variety of useful features and ease of use.

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Compact, stylish and curvacious.
The phone that fits in all the right places.


Let the fun begin.
Features that make taking snaps a
breeze and a look designed to impress.

It's All Possible.

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Launch into a new dimension and experience the powerful performance of 4G LTE technology.

Launch into a new dimension and experience the
powerful performance of 4G LTE technology.

With LG, It's all possible.

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The first 6 inch curved screen Smartphone...
The shape of things to come.

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With an unlock pattern of up to 8 taps you can set
your own unique security code. Set up a personalised
knock pattern for the convenience of one step home
screen access.

It's All Possible



From thin and light Android smartphones, to 3D smartphones that offer a revolutionary visual experience with crystal-clear, high-definition viewing – LG smart phones put user-generated and web content front and centre – so you’re always connected. Learn More

LG smartphones are designed with the latest features, such as:

NOVA display technology: Smartphones with NOVA displays offer great outdoor visibility, clear readability, and natural colours.

Wi-Fi Direct: Some of our models allow you to enjoy fast and easy data transfers without any AP (Access Point). Start sending and sharing from your smart phone at speeds faster than Bluetooth 2.1.

Innovative Gesture UI: Helps you with quick access to your favourite features via the side mounted ‘G-key’ for gesture-based controls. (e.g. Press the ‘G key’ and shake the smartphone to access the camera).

2MP front-facing camera for video calls directly from your smartphone.

Android 2.2: The Android Marketplace offers access to over 150,000 smartphone apps.

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