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*Compared to a conventional PC (LG B70)

Optimised for Your Workplace

Optimised for Your Workplace1
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  • Enhanced Security

    Enhanced Security

    Storage on LG thin client products can be restricted through centralised management.

  • Work Efficiency

    Work Efficiency

    Switching from a conventional PC system to a VDI environment can reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by up to 51%*

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Cost Effectiveness

    LG thin clients simplify management by replacing the use of desktop computers with moving parts that can break. By removing this variable you can free up administrators to focus on other tasks.

*Modelled using an LG CK500W with 1,000 users
  • Find the Best LG Cloud Device for your Business

    These LG Cloud Endpoints (Thin or Zero clients) can improve the user experience, simplify management and provide a reduced TCO and tie into your existing platforms – whether that’s Microsoft Azure WVD & RDP, VMware, AWS Workspaces, Citrix XEN, NVIDIA GRID vGPU™ and KVM.

  • LG Cloud Endpoints in your world

  • microsoft2

    Office and admin staff need simple and reliable workstations that can cope with day to day tasks. Using a Thin client enables users to easily work and collaborate and using Azure WVD or internal VDI systems allows them to access business and Office applications seamlessly.

  • microsoft2

    Executive staff and high value contributors demand fast and secure workstations – enhance their productivity with an UltraWide™ display that can replace multiple displays. Users can connect to Microsoft Azure WVD, internal HCI or VDI services, managed using your applied security policies and posture.

  • citrix2

    Staff working with sensitive and potentially PII data need highly secured workflows, enabled by Citrix’s security credentials. Thin clients users can work and collaborate on a range of budgets with access to simple box types through to UltraWide™.

  • nvidia

    Design, CAD, AI and Research workers often require workstations that can manage heavy loads, usually worth thousands of dollars. Using an UltraWide™ Thin client connected to NVIDIA GRID vGPU™ off Microsoft Azure WVD or internal HCI or VDI delivers performance, resource sharing and cost savings.

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