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Focus on your workout, not on your earbuds. LG TONE Free TF8 wireless earbuds hook into your outer ear for a secure fit that's comfortable. Made for your toughest workouts, they are protected from water damage and dust1 so you can continue training, rain or shine.
  • The LG TONE Free Fit earbuds fit perfectly in the ears

    Secure & Comfortable Fit

    Swivel-grip design holds your earbuds securely in place, so you can focus on your workout.

  • A man's hand washing the TONE Free fit earbuds with water

    IP67 Water & Dust Proof

    LG TONE Free TF8 are protected from water and dust damage, so you can freshen them up after a workout1.

  • A 3D model of LG TONE Free Fit with the Uvnano light shining bright


    LG TONE Free fit are equipped with a UVnano charging case that kills 99.9% of bacteria2 after charging for 10 minutes.

  • A person connects TONE Free fit to a treadmill with the Plug & Wireless cord.

    Plug & Play

    LG Tone Free earbuds come with a charging case that also acts as a wireless Bluetooth dongle for devices with an AUX headphone jack3.

1. IP67 Rating: Tested under controlled laboratory conditions. Dust tight and water resistant up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. Tested in fresh water. Exposure to chlorinated water, detergents or salt water not advised. Dry before using. Do not charge while wet. Charging case is not IP67 waterproof.
2. Independently tested and verified to reduce bacteria: Escherichia Coli, Staphylocuccus Aureus & Klebsiella Pneumoniae after ten minutes of irradiation. 3. AUX port adapter supplied in box to connect charging case and AUX device.
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