• LG Products and Online Safety

    LG is committed to provide quality products to our customer whose safety and wellbeing are our top priority. We take children's online safety seriously by making parental controls and other online safety tools available on LG products and processes to address consumer's concerns with online content. This page contains helpful information about online safety, how to access LG products safety tools and tips for parents to maintain a safer online environment at home.

  • About the eSafety Commissioner

    eSafety is an independent statutory office supported by Australian Communication and Media Authority or ACMA. It has legislative powers relating cyberbullying, image based abuse, and illegal and harmful online content. Its main function is to safeguard Australians at risk of online harms and promotes safer and more positive online experience.

  • Role of eSafety Commissioner

    The Office of the eSafety Commissioner helps Australians deal with online abuse including cyberbullying of children, adult cyber abuse and image-based abuse. eSafety provides a wide range of online safety programs and resources to support parents, children, educators and communities.

    Overview of role and functions of eSafety

    What we do | eSafety Commissioner

  • Right to Complain

    Australia has laws to prevent and deal with harm caused by serious online abuse and illegal and restricted online content. Complaints can be directed to the content providers or the eSafety Commissioner.  The Office of the eSafety Commissioner investigates complaints about offensive and illegal online content. If you are experiencing online abuse or are concerned about illegal and restricted online content, you can make a complaint to the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

    How eSafety can help | eSafety Commissioner

    Anyone of any age who lives in Australia can lodge a complaint and complaints can be made anonymously that means you don’t have to give your name or contact details..

    To lodge a complaint to e-Safety, click the link below, select and complete the form applicable to your complaint.

    eSafety Complaint Forms

  • LG Products – Online Safety Features

    How to use tools and features on LG products to support online safety of children’s use of devices.

Helpful Tips and Resources

Tips to protect your children from harmful online content.