Some features may not be available on all UltraGear™ monitors. Please refer to the technical specifications tab within individual monitor product pages for a complete list of features.
Nano IPS covers DCI-P3 Colour Gamut which is 35% larger (typically) than sRGB 100%
*Requires compatible content, device interface or graphics card for full effect.
*Images dramatised for illustrative purposes only.
Equipped with either G-SYNC or Radeon FreeSync 2, UltraGear™ provides smooth motion with reduced tearing or stuttering, plus simplified tone mapping for fast and smooth HDR imaging.
Global_UltraGear_2018_Feature_05_2_ImmersiveGamingField_D-v1 Global_UltraGear_2018_Feature_05_2_ImmersiveGamingField_M-v1
Global_UltraGear_2018_Feature_06_2_Design%26Awards_D Global_UltraGear_2018_Feature_06_2_Design%26Awards_M