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LG Air Conditioners

LG Air Conditioners

LG's Air Conditioning business is
a leading player in the global air
conditioning market .

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Featuring award-winning designs and superior functionality, LG multi-split wall air conditioning systems allow you to control the temperature in several rooms at once – while staying comfortable in a variety of settings. Learn More

With split air conditioners from LG, you enjoy features such as:

Advanced Controls: Various controllers include remote, central, and more.

Easy-to-Service: Simple and efficient installation of outdoor units provides an ideal solution. Perform service in just three simple steps.

Auto Clean System: Automatic cleaning function will dry the wet indoor coil to prevent mould and bacteria from breeding. It will also eliminate odors and save you from frequent cleaning.

Even & Fast Cooling: Enjoy better air flow with the Twin Air VaneTM, which regulates cool and warm air.

Modern Designs: Premium, stylish designs blend in well with your room’s interior.

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